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  • Settings


    Amount of columns in the grid.

              $grid-columns: 12; /* default */


    Color map used for color-<color>, bg-<color> and border-<color> classes.

              $colors: (
      ‘black’: #000000,
      ‘white’: #FFFFFF,
      ‘blue’: #0A3862


    Media query breakpoints. These will be used to prefix any responsive classes.

              $breakpoints: (
      ‘sm’: 640px,
      ‘md’: 832px,
      ‘lg’: 1024px,
      ‘xl’: 1152px


    Spacing units defined here will be available in spacing and padding utility classes at each breakpoint. For example, .p_25 will set padding: .25rem; on the selected element. If you update the list of $spacing_units to include 3.125rem, then .sm:mt3_125 will affect the top margin of your element only at small screen sizes.

              $spacing-units: 0rem, .25rem, .5rem, .75rem, 1rem, 2rem, 3rem, 4rem, 6rem, 8rem;


    Ratios for .aspect-<ratio> utility class.

              $aspect-ratios: (
      'square': (1, 1),
      'landscape': (16, 9),
      'portrait': (2, 3)


    Whether or not each margin and padding class is generated for each breakpoint.

              $dynamic_spacing: true;


    The deliminator used to replace a .

              $decimal_deliminator: '_';


    Whether or not each col-<i> class is generated for each breakpoint.

              $dynamic-grid: true;